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Revolution Art: Videos

“Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way to affect the senses or emotions.”

We used this definition to describe art in Mashareeb’s agenda (and we swear that our agenda is not a foreign one!).

In moments like the ones we are witnessing right now in Egypt, people are experiencing a mixture of emotions and most of them are eager to express themselves in way or another. We have seen people taking pictures, shooting videos, making songs, writing poems, creating signs and they are most definitely putting a flavor to this revolution. Times like these witness the best work of creativity from people because it’s all about self expression, dreams, hopes and emotions. As Mashareeb supports Egyptian creativity, we wanted to gather as much as we can from the creative results of the 25th of January’s revolution (made by Egyptians and non-Egyptians) and present them to you.

These posts are all dedicated to the lives of the protests’ martyrs.

We will never forget you.

May your souls rest in peace.

Revolution Videos

We’re finally back with our second revolution post! This time it’s about videos and animations done during the revolution or inspired by the revolution. Probably videos were the first art form to hit the internet concerning the 25th of January revoltuion (along side photography). Some videos were done by Egyptians while other were created by foreigners who got inspired by what they saw on tv. To be honest, the videos are numerous! So many to count and follow up with. We gathered the most famous, most touching, funniest and better produced ones for you. We really had a hard time finding out who actually made some of these videos, we did our best to write down the creator…as for the ones with no creators, if you know who made that video, don’t hesitate to contact us! We would love to give credit to the creators!

Egyptian Revolution Jan 25th the story – Take What’s Yours!

Egyptian Revolution 25 Jan The Story – قصة الثورة المصرية


SELMEYA – 25 Jan | سلمية – ٢٥ يناير (by Alaa Khaled)

Will You Support Egypt (by Tamer Shaaban)

Egyptian Revolution 2011 COMPLETE

Thank You World Media

Egyptian Protesters in Tahrir Square in the “Week of Resilience” (by Eskandar Production)

I’m the Egyptian – انا المصرى

إحتفالات تنحي مبارك في مصر الجديدة (by Hani Eskandar)

Egypt Tomorrow – مصر بكرة

Mr  NaNa in Egypt

Mr  NaNa in Egypt 2

علشان مصر ‎- مافيش حاجة تانية (by Mohamed Kheidr / PMC Egypt)

Rise, Proud Egyptian – إرفع رأسك، أنت مصري (by Mohamed Kheidr / PMC Egypt)

قَسَم شعب مصر – مَصْر بُكْرة (by Masr Bokra)

الحقيقة وراء وائل غنيم

الريس بهيس 1 (by Kharabeesh)

الريس بهيس 2 (By Kharabeesh)

الريس بهيس 3 (By Kharabees)

Mabrouk Egypt From The World – مبروك لمصر من كل الدنيا

Voice of Freedom صوت الحرية ( by Kharabeesh)

From Egypt With Love

Nefsy Ya Masr – Egypt, I Wish – نفسي يا مصر (by LCA Media Productions)

Hosni Mubarak Sings “I Did it My Way” (by HerBunk)

#25th Jan Ahmed Mekky’s  (by Aya Ahmed)

ولّا إيه – الحلقة صفر (Walla Eih – Episode 0)

The Birth Of A New Egypt

From Union Square to Tahrir Square


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PMC Egypt: We’re In This Together

A couple of months ago, we talked about PMC Egypt and their videos with the theme of  “We Are Egytpians” or “إحنا مصريين

(check out the post here of you’ve missed it)

They have 2 new videos already released and as usual, we don’t need to explain nor analyse them, they speak for themselves.

The only thing you might need to know is, the first video was released a couple of days before new year’s eve and the second one was released after new year’s eve.

مع بعض على الحلوة والمرة …احنا مصريين

ألي بينا اكتر بكتير ..احنا مصريين

They now have a new page on facebook, due to the first one getting hacked. You can find it here.

Finally, we would like to thank them for the message they sent us before the release of their “مع بعض على الحلوة والمرة” video and we would like to share it with everybody. We are all together in this, we need to all stand united and help each other do everything we possibly can do to spread our message and hopefully reach out for people and encourage them. In other words, مصر لسة بخير

Dear Admin ,

I am the Admin and creator for PMC Egypt .I would like to congratulate you for a very well done creative site of which i never saw before in Egypt. I Believe we are going all in the same direction and we share the same value . Egypt is full of good talents which we should reveal and also it full of hope .

Please note that we changed our page on facebook due to some people hacking our main page (Hater of success ) . And now we have the following page


Also we are about to release our new video within 2 days isa which we will post on the new page , hope you will like it :) .
Thanks & good luck

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