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Revolution Art: Music

“Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way to affect the senses or emotions.” We used this definition to describe art in Mashareeb’s agenda (and we swear that our agenda is not a foreign one!). In moments like the ones we are witnessing right now in Egypt, people are experiencing a mixture of emotions and most of them are eager to express themselves in way or another. We have seen people taking pictures, shooting videos, making songs, writing poems, creating signs and they are most definitely putting a flavor to this revolution. Times like these witness the best work of creativity from people because it’s all about self expression, dreams, hopes and emotions. As Mashareeb supports Egyptian creativity, we wanted to gather as much as we can from the creative results of the 25th of January’s revolution (made by Egyptians and non-Egyptians) and present them to you.

These posts are all dedicated to the lives of the protests’ martyrs.

We will never forget you.

May your souls rest in peace.

Revolution Music

Our first post from the revolution art posts will be dedicated to the music inspired by the revolution. Egyptian musicians have all been inspired by the current events and some of them have actually been an inspiration for the revolution. The inspiration did not stop here in Egypt, people from all over the world contributed and dedicated songs to the revolution and the Egyptian people. We tried to gather as much as we can all the songs that has been surfacing the internet talking about the revolution. If you think we missed some, please don’t hesitate to send us whatever you have.

(songs are posted in no specific order)


إحلم معايا (Dream With Me) – Hamza Namira

Sout Al Horeya صوت الحريه – Amir Eid, Hany Adel, Hawary On Guitar & Sherif On Keyboards

Translation available if you click on “cc”

the track’s final mix is available for download here:

Long live Egypt / تحيا مصر – Scarabeuz & Omima

إزاي !؟  ‎- محمد منير

25th January – Ahmed Mekki (Ft. Mohamed Mohsen)


وقت الثورجية – الثورجية

One Day the Sun Will Explode – Highly Suspect

#Jan25 – Omar Offendum, The Narcicyst, Freeway, Ayah, Amir Sulaiman (Prod. by Sami Matar)

بحبك يا بلادي – Aziz Elshafhi & Ramy Gamal

Rise to Freedom – Natacha Atlas and Basha Beats

My Peeps (Home Version) – Hany Mustafa

قالوا مجنون اللي يفكر – Taxi Band

سواق تاكسي (censored) – Eyad

El Eyoun El Samra – Property of Nadia Shanab

تاكى و بوجى – ثورة بدون زعيم


سيتى باند – سامعين غُنانا

The Price of Freedom – Shady Ahmed

Tahrir Revolution – Jay Samel

رامي عصام – الثورة

See you tomorrow – Tahrir Square Protestors

إرحل – Tahrir Square Protestors

اضحكوا يا ثوره – Tahrir Square Protestors


Freedom (Song For Egypt) – Wyclef Jean


Hey There Mubarak (Hey There Delilah parody)

Bon Jovi – No Apologies (dedicated to the facebook rebellion that began in Egypt)

Al Thawra – Micolagist

Er7al (English Version) – The Past 10s

Immortal Egypt / Revolution Dub – Dj Zhao

Yalla Masr Dub – Dubzonic

The Bleeding Egyptian (DEMO) – Fady D (Mashareeb Artist)

HIGHER (Tribute To Egypt) – Patriarch, Ghazi, Kaotiq and Anna

Egyptian Revolution – Bongo Christ

Egyptian Revolution – DJ EBBO – ORIGINAL MIX 11-2-11

Jan25 ( Egypt Revolution ) – MADMOODSELECTOR

2om Ya Msri – Alaa Azzam

Egyptian Revolution Blues – Sandy Cash

The Uprising – Wrench.se

Egyptian Revolution Song – Shivasongetr

50-brave-women-n-a-dream-2-save-us – Silent Tristero


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Eftekasat: A Great Musical “Eftekasa”

Pretty much the most famous band in Egypt (after West El Balad) but probably the most talented one.

I can’t imagine someone living in Egypt not knowing about Eftekasat, this band can not be missed.

Eftekasat is an Oriental Jazz Fusion band from Cairo. They started up around 2002 and released their first album Mouled Sidi El Latini (The Latin Dervish) around 2006 and their second one Dandasha was out early 2010.

What makes Eftekasat very special is the different musical influences the band members bring in. Their music blends oriental instruments and scales with some jazz and funk beats and keyboard chords accompanied by, what would be their “cherry on the cake”, electric guitar riffs and solos. Their sound is very original and unique, you can easily tell it’s them by listening to just 5 seconds of a song. It has a warm familiar Egyptian feel (the nay, the violin and the accordion) and a funky and groovy kick to it.

Recently, the band had some changes in their line-up, which can be a little tiny bit noticeable on their second album, but the Eftekasat spirit can still be felt and their distinct sound can still be heard.

They are mainly an instrumental band, which is why some people find it hard to listen to them, and that’s an issue with our beloved people that we need to work on. The concept of instrumental music really needs to be more introduced, appreciated and understood in our society (even though a lot of people do listen to Omar Khayrat!).

This is probably Egypt’s finest musical product in years, and the band most definitely deserves a listen.

This won’t be the last time you hear about them on Mashareeb, we will talking more about them in the future posts and we will soon be posting reviews for both of their albums.

Until then, you can go check their albums out at Virgin Megastore (City Stars) or you can find your way to get their stuff online.

or you can go take a listen at their MySpace Page right here

and follow them on their Facebook Page right here

(note: Mouled Sidi El Latini can be heard on their Facebook page)

and if you get the chance to see them play live, do not miss it!

Also, if you need to know more about the band you can go read about them on Wikipedia (yes, they are that famous)

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