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Nagham Masry: The Ethnic Sound of Egypt » Mashareeb

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Nagham Masry: The Ethnic Sound of Egypt

If you’re trying to think about a band that is genuinely Egyptian, from topics to music to mood to melodies to lyrics, Nagham Masry should be the first band that comes on your mind.

This is probably the perfect name for them, it explains all what this band is about. Nagham Masry, formed by some members of Eftekasat, is a band that plays original songs with famous poems as lyrics. Their music is a mixture between East and West; the band contains middle eastern instruments like the kanoun, the oud, The doff and the tabla while having western instruments  like the electric guitar, the bass, the violin and the drums. The result of all of these instruments playing together is quite fascinating, since the Egyptian mood and feel is overwhelming the songs and the western instruments are actually used to enhance this Egyptian groove. Even though Nagham Masry has a lot of common musicians with Eftekasat, and both bands almost mix East and West, they play completely different styles of music.

The band’s topics are 100% Egyptian since they are mostly poems written by Egyptian poets like Salah Jaheen, Amal Donkol, Emad Abdel-Mohsen and Ahmed Fouad Negm and usually they are about social or political matters. Their singer, known as Sherbini, has a really distinctive “Egyptian” voice; it’s warm, sounds familiar and the guy preforms in a very natural manner.

The band received wide success and popularity by playing in the S.O.S Festival and El Sawy Cultural Wheel several times. Their live shows are very energetic, lively and entertaining and Sherbini makes the crowd participate with him in the singing which results in some cool interaction between the band and the crowd.

Unfortunately the band never released a studio recorded album, but there has been some rumors going on for quite some time that the band is working on an album, we really hope they are true because a band like Nagham Masry deserves to have their songs jammed in people’s cars in Egypt.

The concept of the band is great and the result is absolutely amazing and it’s all because this band contains great Egyptian musicians from top notch quality, skills and creativity. We hope they release an album at some point, but for now we can enjoy their videos on youtube, the quality is not that great but it’s not that bad either.

We picked 2 songs to let you know more about Nagham Masry:

– The first song is the famous “الساعة اتنين صباحاً” written by the renowned Salah Jahin, a song that perfectly describes the Egyptian “hang out” nightlife and could be a good example to prove that Cairo is the “real” city that never sleeps (and not New York).

– The second one is actually one of their most famous songs by the name of “غريبة البلد ديه“, with the lyrics written by Emad Abd El Mohsen. This song is more like an anthem and it talks about Egypt‘s contradictory characteristics.

Here’s a link to their official facebook page to get updates for concerts schedule.

And this is a link to one of their member’s youtube channel that contains some videos of their performances.

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