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Ganzeer: The Alias of Mohamed Fahmy » Mashareeb

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Ganzeer: The Alias of Mohamed Fahmy

Back in the days, when City Stars was a brand new mall, do you remember that t-shirt printing shop downstairs that had drawings all over its walls? No? Well never mind. Have you ever been to Euro Deli in Heliopolis? Nope? Never mind again. These mentioned places, are just places where Ganzeer‘s work can been seen all over their walls.

Ganzeer, or Mohamed Fahmy, is an Egyptian visual artist with a very distinct and unique style of drawing. What makes him stand out of the crowd is the Egyptian twist that can always be found in his illustrations and the various styles he uses in his work. He has done a lot of designing work for magazines, events, projects and musicians.

We are going to be shedding some light on some of his most distinctive work but if you want the full picture, from the man himself, we encourage you to go check out his blog.

He is currently working on a new website that is going to be released very soon, but his old outdated one; which also has a lot of his work, is still up for viewing right here.

We will surely cover more of Ganzeer‘s work in upcoming posts, for now, enjoy these!

Some of Ganzeer’s work:

- Slip of the Tongue / زلة لسان

A group show called “Why Not?”, featuring up to 45 artists, took place at the Palace of the Arts at the Cairo Opera House on February 2010 featuring up to 45 artists.

Ganzeer‘s corner, Slip of the tongue/زلة لسان, was one of the most notable ones at the show that it was featured in the Egyptian publication El Masry El Yom.

You can check out Ganzeer‘s paintings from the exhibition right here.

-  Ruins of The Future / أطلال المستقبل

This is an 80-page piece of sci-fi graphic novel that takes place in Egypt, created by Ganzeer and George Azmy (yes, the stand-up comedian…he draws too).

Unfortunately, we could not get our hands on an issue so we can read it and tell you more about it but we can tell from these snaps that the novel has Pharaoh robots, guns and shooting, which can only mean…awesomemess!

- Ramadan E7na

This illustration by Ganzeer, criticizing the behavior of the Egyptian people in the holy month of Ramadan, was featured a couple of years ago in E7na Magazine. It is a great example for Ganzeer‘s unique drawing style (with that Egyptian twist we talked about earlier) and characters design.


  1. Moey says:

    I’ve known Ganzeer for years through his website, but I never knew that the drawings on the walls of Upclose & Personal were his work! Wow!

  2. Revolution Art: Graffiti » Mashareeb says:

    […] Egyptian artist  Ganzeer started a really great intiative, a project about mural paintings of the revolution’s […]

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