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Mashareeb’s Agenda

- What is Mashareeb.com?

Mashareeb.com is a website dedicated to Egyptian creativity.

- What is Mashareeb.com’s goal?

Mashareeb.com’s goal is to shed light on artists in Egypt, give them some attention and the proper appreciation they deserve. Mashareeb.com will also try to add to the Egyptian creativity.

- What is the “Main purpose” behind Mashareeb.com’s goal?

The purpose behind Mashareeb.com’s goal is to show people that creativity does exist in Egypt. Egyptians do achieve great things but we are too busy looking at the bad side of things (the empty half) to give them any attention.

- Are there any other intentions behind the website?

Yes, trying to retrieve the Egyptian identity that has been lost due to turbulences in the history of Egypt, give something to the Egyptian people to be proud of, and share some knowledge about the great things Egypt has that people are not aware of.

- What is Mashareeb.com’s philosophy?

  • Positivity (the full half of the glass)
  • Mashareeb.com believes that hope is never gone, no matter what!
  • Mashareeb.com strongly believes in Egyptian history and identity.
  • Mashareeb is secular, which means it is separated from religion. Mashareeb.com believes that specific religions do play a big role in the Egyptian history, society and identity; therefore they can not be ignored but Mashareeb.com stays secular and neutral.
  • Mashareeb.com is politically neutral, respects all points of views and parties. Mashareeb.com is no place to support or promote a specific political movement or ideology.
  • Mashareeb.com is honest, bold and direct.

- How can the spirit of Mashareeb.com be described?

“Masr Om El Donia”

- Why Mashareeb?

Since the website is dedicated to Egyptian creativity, it was a good idea to give it an Egyptian flavor, so the reader would feel “at home” while surfing the website.

“El Ahwa El Baladi” or “El Café” is a very common thing in all social classes of Egypt. People go there to “let it all out”, smoke a shisha, drink a hot tea, chit chat and rant about life.

If we look more into the history of Egyptian local coffee shops, we’ll find that coffee shops were very important places for people to meet and interchange political, cultural and religious ideas. The conversations that would take place in a local coffee shop in the 1930’s are very much different than the ones we hear today, but still the local coffee shops remain places for people to go to and unwind.

Mashareeb.com would be like Egypt’s internet “Ahwa Baladi”.

- What is the reason behind the name?

Since the website has an “Ahwa Baladi” theme, it is “offering” people “drinks”, also known as “Mashareeb”.

“Mashareeb” was specifically chosen instead of “Mashroubat” because this is what you would usually hear the waiter at the local coffee shop call the drinks.

- What kind of “drinks” does Mashareeb.com have to offer?

The sections of the website are called after very famous drinks you would find in a local coffee shop. Each section, or “drink”, represents a subject of creativity.

- No really, what kind of “drinks” does Mashareeb.com have to offer?

Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to produce something; specially artistic work .

While the word “art” can be very hard to define, the English Oxford dictionary puts it as:

“The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.”

This is not a bad definition for someone who is trying to know what the English word means. The definition found on Wikipedia defines it better for someone who knows what art is but does not really understand it:

“Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way to affect the senses or emotions.”

This phrase leads us to a very wide variety of things that can be categorized as art, that is the greatest thing about it.

To avoid confusion and to narrow it down a little bit, things like paintings, graphic designs, videos, music, movies, shows, plays, books, events, articles, sculptures, interior designs would be the most likely creative art forms that would be found in Egypt (and also the most likely to be offered on the website).

- How can the offered “drinks” be related to Egypt?

1- The creator of the creative act is Egyptian.

2- The creative act is about Egypt in a direct or indirect way.

3- Whatever is offered, goes well with Mashareeb.com’s Philosophy


  1. An Egyptian designer designs an ad for Mercedes in Germany, he makes it on Mashareeb.com.
  2. An American rapper comes out with a song that has one of Abdel Haleem Hafez’s song looped on it, he makes it on Mashareeb.com.
  3. An open mic night event is taking place in Cairo, letting people express themselves and show what they’ve got, it makes it on Mashareeb.

- Who is Mashareeb.com targeting?

Main and primary target: The Egyptian people

Secondary target: Everyone else

- What language does Mashareeb.com speak?

Mainly: Arabic (Egypt’s official language) and English

But since art can not be limited to any language, Mashareeb.com follows the same rule.

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